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Tropical Tourism Outlook Conference:
Nature, Culture and Networking for Sustainable Tourism

8 to 10 August 2014
Dambulla - Kandalama
Sri Lanka

The 7th Tourism Outlook Conference
The 3nd Tropical Coastal and Island Tourism Conference

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Tropical island environments comprise some of the most sensitive and complex ecosystems on the planet.  Because they are bounded by ocean waters, they more readily concentrate the impacts of global economic and social forces, including economic development pressures, rapid population growth driven by economic migrants, major resource extraction, climate change, and steadily rising sea levels.  These pressures create enormous environmental and cultural sustainability challenges for island communities and for the significant tourism activities which they encompass. To address these issues, the tourism sector needs to formulate better networking strategies to enhanve collaboration, partnerships and alliances among its many components .

This conference brings together tourism educators, hospitality and community practioners, students, government agency employees,
and others interested in these issues to discuss the development of alliances and the building network relationships to better secure the future sustainability of cultural and environmental resources. We intend to create a venue to share, exchange and debate ideas and knowledge related to understanding and managing tourism in general, and tropical tourism in particular.  Through this, the conference will identify practical solutions, chart new directions, and create opportunities for networking on sustainable tourism development in these sensitive environments.  

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