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The following articles from Tourism Geographies are significant reviews of major themes in tourism. These articles may be helpful for authors, lecturers and students seeking to understand the major issues related to tourism from a geographic perspective.

All of these articles are Open Access and available for Free Download.

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Evolutionary economic geography: a new path for tourism studies? - Patrick Brouder - DOI: 10.1080/14616688.2013.864323 - evolutionary economic geography, research, theory, tourism

Using indicators to assess sustainable tourism development: a review. - Anna Torres-Delgado & Jarkko Saarinen - DOI: 10.1080/14616688.2013.867530 - sustainable development, impacts, indicators, set of indicators, indices, planning

Scale, change and resilience in community tourism planning - Alan A. Lew - DOI: 10.1080/14616688.2013.864325 - tourism planning, resilience planning, sustainable development, community resilience, complex adaptive systems, sustainable tourism, socio-ecological resilienc

Towards an economic-geographical approach to the globalisation of the hotel industry - Piotr Niewiadomski - DOI: 10.1080/14616688.2013.867528 - international hotel industry, globalisation of services, global production networks, business models, international hotel groups, tourism production system

Tourism and toponymy: commodifying and consuming place names - Duncan Light - DOI: 10.1080/14616688.2013.868031 - toponymy, place names, tourist sights, souvenirs, performances, commodification

Existential Authenticity: Place Matters. - Jillian M. Rickly-Boyd (2013/14) - DOI: 10.1080/14616688.2012.762691 - Existential authenticity, place, performance, experience, geography, landscape

African Americans and Tourism. - Derek H. Alderman (2013) - DOI: 10.1080/14616688.2012.762544 - African Americans, heritage tourism, race, inequality, social justice, identity - (special issue on African American travel and tourism)

Marketing Destinations with Prolonged Negative Images: Towards a Theoretical Model. - Eli Avrahama & Eran Kettera (2012) - Media strategies, destination marketing, image restoration, prolonged negative image, tourism campaigns, strategic approach

Critical Issues in Air Transport and Tourism - David Timothy Duval (2012) - Air transport, aeropolitics, climate policy, accessibility, connectivity, low-cost carriers, partnerships, market liberalization, review paper

Slum Tourism: Developments in a Young Field of Interdisciplinary Tourism Research - Fabian Frenzel & Ko Koens (2012) - Introduction to special issue on slum tourism - Slum tourism, definitions, ethics, commodification, representation

On the Ethical Stake in Tourism Research - Dean MacCannell (2012) - Commentary

Becoming a Tourism Scholar - Stephen L.J. Smith (2011) - Commentary -China, Canada, Belgium, United Kingdom, USA, New Zealand, Australia, India, France, Spain

Publishing Tourism Geography Research - Deborah Che (2010) - Report

Traditions and Trends: A Review of Geographical Scholarship in Tourism - Sanjay K. Nepal (2009) - Geographical scholarship, research traditions, tourism themes, language, future trends

Worldmaking Agency-Worldmaking Authority: The Sovereign Constitutive Role of Tourism - Keith Hollinshead, Irena Ateljevic & Nazia Ali (2009) - Introduction to Special Issue on Worldmaking Tourism

The 'Critical Turn' in Tourism Studies: A Radical Critique - Raoul V. Bianchia (2009) - Cultural turn, critical turn, globalization, Marxism, neo-liberalism, post-structuralism, power of tourism

The Cosmopolitan Hope of Tourism: Critical Action and Worldmaking Vistas - Margaret Byrne Swain (2009) - Critical cosmopolitanism, inequality, embodiment, feminist analysis, transformation, mediating vision

Teaching Tourism Geography - Deborah Che (2009) - Report

Border Tourism and Border Communities: An Overview - Trevor Sofield (2006) - Borders, sovereignty, social space, interstitial space, mobility, transnationalism

The Economic Geography of the Tourist Industry: Ten Years of Progress in Research and an Agenda for the Future - Dimitri Ioannides (2006) - Commentary

Mountain Tourism: Toward a Conceptual Framework - Sanjay K. Nepala & Raymond Chipeniukb (2005) - Mountain tourism, mountain resource characteristics, outdoor recreation, tourism, amenity migration, recreation and tourism land use

Tourism and migration: new relationships between production and consumption - Allan M. Williams & C. Michael Hall (2000) - Tourism, Migration, Entrepreneurship, Second Homes

Sustainable tourism: A State-of-the-Art Review - Richard W. Butler (1999)- Sustainable tourism, definitions, development, capacity, control, mass tourism

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