Good Practice in Refereeing - from - a useful source on how to be a good manuascript reviewer

Dear Reviewers: Tourism Geographies currently acceptes all manuscript reviews through the Manuscript Central website only:

When you agree to review a paper, you will receive an email message with a link to the paper. Please keep that email so you can easily access the website to download the paper and submit your online review.

It is the policy of Tourism Geographies to provide an efficient and expeditious review of all submitted papers.  With this in mind, referees are requested to return their evaluations within four weeks of receipt of the manuscript.  If this is not possible, then referees are requested to inform the manuscript's coordinating Associate Editor as soon as possible. 

On the Manuscript Central webpage, you will be asked to assess the paper using the following scale. You should especially provide comments on all areas where you rated the paper lower than "4". Helpful comments for the author(s) are appreciated.


Contact the Editor-in-Chief for additional questions: Alan A. Lew <alan.lew at>

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