RTS Sessions for Pittsburgh

last updated 3 October 1999


Popular Culture and Touristed Landscapes I: Rural Environments
Organized by Dimitri Ioannides (Southwest Missouri State University) and Alan A. Lew (Northern Arizona University); Cosponsored with the Rural Development SG; Chair: Thomas W. Paradis (Northern Arizona University)
1. Charles B. Copp (Florida Atlantic University): Small Business Networks in Slovakia's Tourism Industry
2. Barbara Carmichael (Wilfrid Laurier University): The Rural Tourism Product, Rural Images and Rural Sustainability
3. Loretta Gale Morgan (Northern Arizona University): UFO and Chilies: A Study of Roswell New Mexico
4. Thomas W. Paradis (Northern Arizona University): Cowboys and Aliens: Roswell's Political Economy of Theme Development

Popular Culture and Touristed Landscapes II: Theoretical Approaches
Organized by Alan A. Lew (Northern Arizona University) and Dimitri Ioannides (Southwest Missouri State University); Cosponsored with the Cultural Geography SG; Chair: Dimitri Ioannides (Southwest Missouri State University)
1. Neil Carr (University of Hertfordshire, UK): Leisure and Tourism
2. Rudi Hartmann (University of Colorado, Denver): The Changing U.S. Urban Parks: New Realities and New Efforts in Park Management at the Turn of the 21st Century
3. Jeff Baldwin (University of Oregon): Tourism as a Social Practice: A Genealogy of the Education of Antigua, West Indies
4. Jeffey B. Davis (Northern Arizona University): Corporate Tourism Enterprises: Small Town Saviors or Creatures of Capital
5. Dimitri Ioannides (Southwest Missouri State University): Heritage Tourism in the Heartland: Global Glimpses within Unique Local Settings

Tourism in China
Organized by Xiaoping Shen (Central Connecticut State University) Cosponsored with the China Specialty Group; Chair: Alan A. Lew (Norhtern Arizona University)
1. Ma, Yong (School of Geography and Tourism, Hubei University, Wuhan, China. E-mail: mayong@hubu.edu.cn) Research on the Tourist resources development and its sustainable utilizing of the Three Gorges of Changjiang River.
2. Xiaoping Shen (Department of Geography, Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT 06050-4010. E-mail: shenx@mail.ccsu.edu). Where do tourists visit the most in China?
3. Yiping Li (Department of Geography and Geology, University of Hong Kong) Geographical Consciousness and Travel Experience: A henomenological Exploration of North American Tourists' Experience of China.
4. Discussant: Alan A. Lew (Department of Geography and Public Planning, Northern Arizona University).

Place Promotion: New Contexts, New Themes: Darren Purcell (Florida State University) and Craig Young (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)
(cosponsored with Political Geography Specialty Group and possibly the the European Geography Specialty Group)

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