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From: Robert Janiskee
Subject: RTS Newsletter
To: Multiple recipients of list RTSNET-L

June 12, 1996

Hello, RTSers and friends. Here is the latest issue of .....


Volume 22, No. 1 May 1996 Robert L. Janiskee, Editor

"Okay, okay, just don't hit me again!"
The RTS Chair has made me an offer that I cannot refuse, so I have agreed to remain on board as Editor of the RTS Newsletter. The de facto twice-a-year (May and December) publication schedule of the past few years has been formalized. We continue to hope that an experienced RTSer will volunteer to take over the editorship of the Newsletter. RLJ

From the Chair
The 1996 AAG Meeting in Charlotte has come and gone. RTS had a good showing, even though some familiar faces were missing. It was unfortunate that the series of ecotourism sessions were held on the last day of the conference. The presentations were all very interesting, but attendance was very light. Still, the spirit of the RTS Specialty Group remains as strong as ever. Like most geographers, my own interests span a number of different topics, and when I started attending AAG meetings I "tried out" a number of different Specialty Groups. I found RTS to be the most friendly and welcoming of the groups I investigated, and I soon found myself attending more RTS sessions than any other group's offerings. I now view RTS as my primary purpose for attending the AAG meetings--for both the knowledge I gain and the stimulating discussions with fellow RTS members. For me, RTS provides a focus for an otherwise chaotic event. I do not think that I am alone in these feelings. By my guess we had some 40 or more people show up for the RTS Business Meeting. We have room for a lot more RTS members to become active in our Specialty Group. You can organize an RTS-themed paper session for the AAG meeting (we can help you with this), attend the RTS sessions and the RTS Business Meeting at the AAG each year, or even run for office (elections are coming up soon). Let me know if you would like to participate in any of these things--you are all welcome. Alan Lew

RTS Directory Available
After a gestation period of two years--about the time needed to produce a baby elephant--I finally completed "RTS 1996: The Directory of Recreation, Tourism, and Sport Geographers" in April 1996. In addition to routine name--address- phone-fax-email-URL Stuffe, entries contain information about degrees earned, current position or occupation, topical interests, research specialties, RTS- themed courses taught, and miscellany such as affiliations, grants, awards, recent books, and projects underway. An appendix lists some additional leisure researchers who are not RTS members. I have already emailed a copy of the Directory to each RTSNET-L subscriber and everyone else who requested a copy via email. Two dozen hard copies were distributed at the Business Meeting and paper sessions in Charlotte. What remains is the larger task of advertising the Directory and getting copies to the RTS membership at large and other interested parties. A publication announcement will appear in the AAG Newsletter and announcements will be posted on the Internet and web. Meanwhile, we invite you to obtain your copy and help us spread the word that this valuable tool is available. It is cheap, too. I will email you a copy at no cost if you supply me with an email address. (If you do not have an email address yourself, perhaps you can ask for help from someone who does-- all that person needs to do is make a printout and give it to you.) You may also obtain the Directory in WordPerfect 5.1 format for next to nothing by mailing me a blank floppy and a self-addressed envelope with 55 cents postage (two 32-cent stamps will do). Since the hefty (67-page) compilation is expensive to print and mail, we are pricing hard copies at $3 each (postpaid) to members of the RTS Specialty Group and $5 each to non-members. Make checks out to "RTS Specialty Group." Sorry, no copies will be faxed. Send all requests for the Directory to: Robert Janiskee, Department of Geography, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC 29208 [phn 803/777-6739; fax 803/777-4972; email]. We plan to update the 1996 Directory on a continuing basis for email distribution, and the 1997 issue should be available in hard copy by late spring. Please send me information I can use to revise and update the Directory. Let me take this opportunity to apologize for any errors, which are entirely my fault. RLJ

Business Meeting Highlights
If you have not made a habit of attending the annual RTS business meetings, you really are missing out. The business meeting held in Charlotte on 11 April 1996 was typical in that it was informative, productive, and well-attended (>40). Here are some of the highlights:

Secretary/Treasurer Lisle Mitchell reported a balance of $1,132 in the RTS account as of 8 April 1996. This reflects an increase of $264 over last year's balance. Since last year's report we took in $1,156 and spent $893. Income consisted of dues ($1,123), interest ($31), and a gift of $2. Expenditures included $299 for the Newsletter, $250 for Student Awards, $300 for honoraria (see below), and $44 for miscellany, including the RWA trophy and a bank fee.

The Chair's report was presented by Alan Lew. As of 31 December 1995, the RTS Specialty Group (SG) had 275 members; this represents an increase of 5% over 1994, which is double the rate at which the AAG membership grew. RTS SG contributions to the 1996 AAG meeting included the sponsorship of six paper sessions, two panel discussions, and one plenary session; three of the sessions were co-sponsored ones in which RTS cooperated with the American Ethnic Geography SG, the American Indian SG, the Historical Geography SG, the Rural Development SG, and the Ethics and Justice SG. The RTS SG can no longer expect the AAG main office to assist in assembling RTS-related loose papers into RTS-sponsored sessions for the AAG meetings; henceforth, RTS-sponsored paper sessions must be organized and submitted as such by the Specialty Group. Three RTS honorariums of $100 each were given to special invitees to the 1996 AAG meeting; recipients included Chief Phillip Martin (Choctaw Indian Tribe), Gail Lash (Ecotourism Panel), and Fred Helleiner (IGU Study Group Chair).

Bob Janiskee and Lisle Mitchell explained that low response necessitated cancellation of the RTS-sponsored overnight field trip to Myrtle Beach, adding that none of the AAG's other overnight trips "made" either.

Alan Lew reported that he and C. Michael Hall will be editing a book on Sustainable Tourism Development, based primarily on papers from this year's AAG and IGC meetings. Alan also mentioned that Valene Smith had expressed interest in a book on the Geography of Tourism for the Tourism Dynamics Series that she and Paul Wilkinson edit. Bob Janiskee added that Dick Butler and C. Michael Hall are editing a book for Wiley on the topic of Tourism and recreation in Rural Areas.

Ted Goudge (Northwest Missouri State University) and Alan Lew agreed to collaborate on the establishment and maintenance of an RTS homepage for the World Wide Web.

Tou Chuang Chang (McGill University) was elected to serve as Student Member of the RTS Board. This position had been vacant during 1995.

Alan Lew asked for a volunteer to prepare and submit a Conference Report on this year's AAG meeting to the Annals of Tourism Research in response to a request from the editors.
Fred Helleiner presented a progress report on the IGU Study Group on the Geography of Sustainable Tourism. RTSers were invited to become corresponding members of the study group by contacting: Fred Helleiner, Dept. of Geography, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada K9J 7B8 [phn 705/748-1440; fax 705/748-1205; email].

Chair Alan Lew led a discussion centered on planning for RTS SG participation in the 1997 AAG meeting at Fort Worth. Individuals were selected (as described below) to organize paper sessions on a variety of topics or themes, and session organizers were urged to use the RTS Directory to identify and contact potential paper presenters.

The 1996 Roy Wolfe Award was presented to Robert L. Janiskee (University of South Carolina), RTS Newsletter Editor and former RTS Chair. Janiskee's research has centered on event-related tourism and travel, community festivals, resort camping, and climbing.

Winners of the 1996 RTS Student Paper Awards were announced. Only two papers had been entered in the competition, but both were deemed meritorious. First Place and $150 went to McGill University Ph.D. student T.C. Chang for his paper "Singapore's Little India: A Tourist Attraction as a Contested Landscape." SUNY-Buffalo Ph.D. student Paul Mackun won Second Place and a $100 check for his paper "Tourism in the Third Italy."

Bob Janiskee moved that a new award for applied RTS work be created and named in honor of John Rooney, renowned sports geographer and applied geographer extraordinaire. The motion was put to a vote and approved, and Janiskee volunteered to chair a nominating committee for the initial award to be made at the 1997 Business meeting (as further explained below).

More on the John Rooney Award
The new John Rooney Award for applied work in RTS will be given to RTS members who distinguish themselves in the application of RTS skills within problem solving, planning, managerial, or entrepreneurial contexts. All RTS members are eligible for the award. Regardless of employment status or occupation, individuals considered for the award will be judged solely on the basis of meritorious performance in the applied RTS area. Nominees will not be required to adhere to any particular standard of RTS-themed research or publication. Thus, the award may be given in recognition of achievements or contributions such as outstanding public service, influential consulting services, or success in a business enterprise requiring RTS skills or expertise. Although there is no specific requirement to make an award each year, the John Rooney Award may be conferred on an annual basis beginning in 1997.

Nominations Invited
The leadership of the RTS SG rotates every two years, and the next change is due in 1997. Existing rules call for including a ballot in the December 1996 issue of the RTS Newsletter so that RTS members can elect a Chair, a Secretary-Treasurer, and four Board members, including a Student Member. Any RTS member may submit nominations for any or all of these positions--we ask only that you clear this with the nominees involved. Submit your nominations, not later than 1 December, to RTS Secretary-Treasurer Lisle Mitchell, Dept. of Geography, Univ. of South Carolina, Columbia, SC 29208 (phn 803/777-2986; fax 803/777-4972; email].

The 1997 Roy Wolfe Award (RWA) recipient will be announced at the RTS business meeting in Fort Worth next spring. Previous RWA recipients act as a standing committee to select the new honoree each year. However, nominations are gladly accepted from the membership at large. To submit a nomination, contact RTS Secretary-Treasurer Lisle Mitchell. Roy Wolfe Award recipients to date include Lisle Mitchell, Peter Murphy, John Rooney, Richard Smith, Carlton Van Doren, Geoff Wall, Richard Butler, Charles Stansfield, and Robert Janiskee.

Nominations are also being solicited for the newly authorized John Rooney Award. Keith Debbage, Dick Smith, and Bob Janiskee (chair) have agreed to serve as a nominating committee. Your nominations for the 1997 JRA should be submitted to: Robert Janiskee, Dept. of Geography, Univ. of South Carolina, Columbia, SC 29208 [phn 803/777-6739; fax 803/777-4972; email].

Call for Papers for the 1997 AAG
If you plan to present a paper in an RTS-sponsored session at next year's AAG meeting, mark 15 August 1996 on your calendar right now. The RTS SG is sponsoring a variety of paper sessions, and you are urged to contact the appropriate organizer right away if you want to have your paper included in a session. Participants in organized sessions must submit their participation forms, abstracts, and fees to the session organizers by 15 August 1996 to allow adequate time for processing and mailing the proposals to the AAG main office. The Call for Program Participation for the 93rd annual meeting of the AAG in Fort Worth, Texas during 1-5 April 1997 was published on pp. 9-13 in the Volume 31, No. 5 (May 1996) issue of the AAG Newsletter. If you need a copy, including registration forms, phone 803/777-6739 or email and supply a mailing address or fax number. Proposed RTS- sponsored sessions and organizers are as follows:

- Gaming (Klaus Meyer-Arendt, 601/325-2905;
- Applied RTS Research (Bob Janiskee, 803/777-6739;
- Women & RTS (Barbara Carmichael, 203/832-2794;
- Trends in RTS, including education (Lisle Mitchell [803/777-2986;] and Dick Smith [513/529-5010]
- Tourism Economics (Dimitri Ioannides, 417/836-5800;
- Event Tourism/Festivals (Bob Janiskee, 803/777-6739;
- Ecotourism (Bill Forbes [503/469-2196] or Bob O'Brien [619/286-5476])
- Sport Geography and Texas H.S. Football (Ted Goudge, 816/562-1798;
- Texas Tourism (Carlton Van Doren--via Alan Lew)
- Third World Tourism (Alan Lew, 602/523-6567;
- RTS Research Techniques (Scott Loban [803/750-5838;] and Lisle Mitchell [803/777-2986;])
- RTS Potpourri--if not certain where to send your abstract, contact Alan Lew [602/523-6567;]

VIP Alert
The Grand Poo-Bah of Local Arrangements and Other Program-Related Stuffe for the 1997 AAG meetings in Fort Worth is none other than Andy Schoolmaster, former RTS Chair and current Chair of the Dept. of Geography at the University of North Texas. Andy is eager to make the 1997 AAG meeting the best ever, and towards that end he is inviting suggestions from RTSers and others with Goode Ideas for the meeting. There is talk of a really neat RTS-themed field trip in the Metroplex area, a Rangers baseball game, a Snapshots-type publication similar to the one distributed at the Charlotte AAG, etc., etc. Contact: F. Andrew Schoolmaster, III, Chair, Dept. of Geography, Box 5277, University of North Texas, Denton, TX 76203; [phn 817/565-2452; fax 817/565-4297; email].

New Editor for the JCG
After many years of distinguished service at the helm of the Journal of Cultural Geography, Al Carlson has handed the reins over to new editor Lou Seig. Lou has announced plans for a makeover of the journal, and is specifically soliciting manuscripts on RTS themes. For more information, contact: Lou Seig, Editor, Journal of Cultural Geography, Department of Geography, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK 74078-0177 [phn 405/744-9168; fax 405/744- 5620; email].

New Journal Launched
RTSer Martin Oppermann, Editor of the new Waiariki Tourism Quarterly, is looking for manuscripts on all tourism and tourism-related topics, especially those dealing with the Pacific Rim countries (including all of the Americas and Antarctica). Contributor notes, subscription information, and more info can be obtained from: Martin Oppermann, Editor, Waiariki Tourism Quarterly, Management Development Centre, Waiariki Polytechnic, Private Bag RO 3028, Rotorua, New Zealand [phn ++64-7-346 8684; fax ++64-7-346 8680; email].

1996 World Congress on Coastal and Marine Tourism, 19-22 June 1996, The Ilikai Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii. Information about the CMT Congress is available at URL htpp:// or via email .
Second Annual Conference of the Asia Pacific Tourism Association, 14-18 September 1996, Townville, Far North Queensland, Australia. The conference is being hosted by Phillip Pearce's Department of Tourism at James Cook University and follows the success of the inaugural conference in Pusan, Korea in 1995. The conference is officially supported by the World Tourism Organisation and the theme is Quality Research, Quality Tourism. Among the proposed topics are Shipwreck Management (!), Wildlife Tourism, Entrepreneurship, Tourism Planning in Pacific Islands, Health Information, Tourism in Indonesia, Cross Cultural Tourism, and Sustainable Tourism. For additional information contact: Edward Kim, Department of Tourism, James Cook University, Townsville 4811, Australia [fax 61 77 25 1116; email].

Annual Congress of the Association International d'Expert Scientifique du Tourisme (AIEST), 22-28 September 1996, Rotorua, New Zealand. This is the first time that the Congress will be hosted in the South Pacific area. For further details contact: Secretary General Dr. Hans Peter Schmidhauser [] or the Conference organizer Dr. Martin Oppermann []

Pacific Rim Tourism 2000 Conference, 3-5 November 1996, Rotorua, New Zealand. Among the RTSers already planning to participate are Richard Butler (U. Western Ontario), Alan Lew (Northern Arizona U.), and Mary Lee Nolan (Oregon State U.). For additional information contact: Martin Oppermann, Management Development Centre, Waiariki Polytechnic, Private Bag RO 3028, Rotorua, New Zealand [phn +64-7-3468685; fax +64-7-3468680; email].

Kudos and Crossed Fingers
RTSer Ed Jackson (Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta) was elected President of the Canadian Association for Leisure Studies. Elected to the CALS Board were geographers Bryan Smale (U. Waterloo) Paul Wilkinson (York U.), Tom Hinch (U. Alberta). RTSer Patricia Stokowski (Texas A&M Dept. of Recreation, Park, and Tourism Sciences) topped about 100 other contenders to win the University of Colorado's Eugene Kayden Award for the best humanities/social sciences manuscript submitted to the University Press of Colorado in 1995. The award is for her book Riches and Regrets: Betting on Gambling in Two Colorado Mountain Towns, which is due out in late summer 1996. Riches and Regrets deals with the historical, social, economic, and political factors and impacts associated with the development of gaming in Central City and Black Hawk, Colorado. Also considered is the before, during, and after progress of the gaming development. Pat will be taking a well- deserved vacation in Ireland, Wales, and England this July. RTSer Mark Okrant was recently elected to the Board of Directors of Travel and Tourism Research Association-International. Mark has also received a four-year contract to conduct research for the New Hampshire State Office of Travel & Tourism Development. RTSer John Pigram reports that he is involved in a second bid to establish a Cooperative Research Centre in Sustainable Tourism in Australia. Funding of up to $50 million is being sought over seven years. The previous bid narrowly failed, partly because of insufficient collaboration with industry. If successful, the Centre will include research programs at Griffith University, University of Queensland, University of Southern Queensland, James Cook University, Northern Territory University, Southern Cross University, and the University of New England. For additional information contact: John Pigram, Exec. Director, Centre for Water Policy Research, Department of Geography & Planning, University of New England, Armidale, NSW Australia 2351 [phn 067 73 2420; fax 067 73 3237; email]. Good luck, John!

Conference Reports
Rob Bristow reports that the 8th Annual Northeastern Recreation Research Symposium (NERR), which was held at Bolton Landing, NY during 31 March-2 April 1996, was a great success. Recreation researchers and managers from the US, Canada, and Great Britain gathered at Lake George and the Sagamore, a world class resort with plentiful recreation opportunities. A variety of presentations were available at NERR, including traditional research paper and poster presentations, roundtables, and management discussions. Topics for this year's symposium were as varied as the participants and included issues of diversity, recreation trends, environmental perceptions, outdoor recreation conflicts, cultural resources, and leisure motivations. The conference Proceedings will again be published by the USDA Forest Service's Northeast Forest Experiment Station. Past issues are available at any USGPO depository library. Mark your calendars for next year's NERR, which is scheduled for 6-8 April 1977 at Bolton Landing, NY. Students are encouraged to attend. The homepage for the Northeastern Recreation Research Symposium is http://www.cas.psu/docs/cashome/NERR.HTML For further information, contact: Robert Bristow, Dept. of Geography & Regional Planning, Westfield State College, Westfield, MA 01086 [phn 413/572-5595; fax 413/562-3613; email]

Ed Jackson filed a report after attending the Eighth Triennial Canadian Congress on Leisure Research, which was hosted by the Department of Leisure Studies at the University of Ottawa during 8-11 May 1996. This year's Congress drew nearly 200 people from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and several other countries. About 100 papers, including a number by geographers, were presented in 28 paper sessions representing a wide variety of disciplines and dealing with topics such as "Leisure Over the life Cycle," "Women, Coping, and Leisure," Validity, Scales, and Leisure Measurement," "Leisure Constraints," and Outdoor Rural Recreation and Tourism." British leisure sociologist and author Chris Rojek delivered two plenary addresses, "Leisure Studies, A Career Report," and "Leisure and Murder" (!).

Internet/Web Stuffe
RTSNET-L, the listserv set up for use by our specialty group membership and other interested parties, currently has more than 120 subscribers. If you would like to subscribe, email the listserv manager, Bob Janiskee []. For information about the proposed RTS homepage, contact Ted Goudge [email] or Alan Lew [ or email]. To access Intern- NET, a new web site providing a database for internships in recreation- and leisure-related professions, use URL Since the database is independently owned and operated, comments should be addressed to Intern-NET's email address , or to Ralph Smith/Tammy Buckley at 814/867-2686.

Movie-Induced Tourism
Roger Riley (Illinois State University) reports that he and Carlton Van Doren are getting pretty deeply into a new field of study called "movie-induced tourism." They have already done some Neat Stuffe, such as working as expert witnesses in a North Carolina court case, and they are developing the consultancy angle of movie tourism. For more information, contact: Roger Riley, Dept. of Geography-Geology, 100-A McCormick Hall, Illinois State University, Normal, IL 61790-4400 [phn 309/438-8233; fax 309/438-5561; email]. Carlton Van Doren, who is said to be "in the throes of retirement," may be hard to find.

Somber Note
Ted Mieczkowski (University of Manitoba), whose name was included in the appendix section of the RTS Directory, is deceased. Mieczkowski was an Associate Professor of Geography at the Univ. of Manitoba who listed tourism and recreation among his special interests.