The Recreation, Tourism and Sport
Specialty Group Newsletter
Vol. 27, No. 1
June 2001

From the RTS Chair

I wish to thank everyone who participated in the AAG conference in New York City, particularly those who organized and chaired RTS-sponsored sessions.  A special thanks also is due to the newly-elected board members, finance manager, and newsletter editor(s) (present and future) for their willingness to serve.  The RTS sessions were a success and full of interesting papers; hopefully we all learned something new.  Of course the social side of the meetings was also a winner, as it is always nice to renew old friendships and start new ones.  Aside from getting my face on the Today Show, running into Jack Palance (he wasn’t hurt—Alan Lew can attest to this) on Broadway Street, and visiting the Empire State Building, the highlight of the conference for me was seeing you all again and hearing about your research endeavors.

While we came up with some ideas for sessions at next year’s meetings in Los Angeles, there is room for more.  I encourage you to generate additional ideas for session themes and let the board know whether or not you would be interested in organizing or chairing them.  I also hope you will encourage your students to submit papers for the annual student paper competition.  The awards/rewards are amazing.

The RTS member list of publications is growing all the time (ask Klaus Meyer-Arendt if you don’t believe me), and the range and quality of work you are doing is commendable.  Keep up the good work everyone and get your creative juices flowing for the next AAG conference.  See you there!

Best wishes,
Dallen J. Timothy, Department of Recreation Management and Tourism, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 85296.

Announcements: The following new books by RTS members are now available:

Apostolopoulos, Y., Sonmez, S. and Timothy, D.J.  (eds).  2001.  Women as Producers and Consumers of Tourism in Developing Regions.  Westport, CT: Praeger.

Ioannides, D., Apostolopoulos, Y. and Sonmez, S.  (eds).  2001.  Mediterranean Islands and Sustainable
Tourism Development: Practices, Management, and Policies.  New York: Continuum (formerly Cassell).

Timothy, D.J.  2001.  Tourism and Political Boundaries.  London: Routledge.

From the RTS Newsletter Editor

My latest toy is a server ( that will (hopefully) deliver some tourism maps.  Please visit the site and comment. It is a work in progress, so please be kind.  After all, I am working on this newsletter instead of the server.

Robert S. Bristow, Westfield State College

Julia Morton-Marr asks if anyone knows of any courses that are focused on addressing the Climate Change issues in the Tourism Industry? She recently gave a workshop to the Executive Housekeepers Association in Toronto, and found that very little has been actually achieved in the Hotel Industry. (Wasn't past RTS President Barbara Carmichael involved in something like this?)  Anyway, contact:

Julia Morton-Marr, President, IHTEC
Founder International School Peace Gardens
3343 Masthead Crescent, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L5L 1G9 , Tel: (905) 820-5067  Fax: (905) 820-6536 Email:

RTS Webmaster Alan Lew reports the following updates to the 'Tourism Geographies' journal website ( are available:

- All abstracts and editorials for volumes 1 & 2 (1999 & 2000) are now available for free access on the website - many are in both English and French
- Contents for volume 3 (2001) are available through issue 3 (August 2001)
- A list of US Ph.D. dissertations in tourism and recreation geography (1987-2000) is available, as well as a list of published papers on tourism, recreation and sport geography (1998-1999)

Announcing, in conjunction with the International Year of the Mountains and the International Year of ecotourism, 2000:

People, Park, and Mountain Ecotourism at Namche Bazar (Khumbu, Nepal) Dec. 5-8, 2002

Contact: Seth Sicroff
fax: (708) 575-6620

Call For Papers:  Association of American Geographers Meeting, Los Angeles,
March 19-23, 2002.  See the 2 following calls:

Session on:  Empires of Science - Proposed Full Day Session
Matthew Farish, UBC & Richard Powell, Cambridge

Subjects for investigation might include:
-       Science, geography, and imperialism
-       Embodied accounts of scientific practices
-       Power, identity and difference in fieldwork
-       Spatial science in critical perspective
-       Spaces of cross-cultural scientific encounters
-       Technoscience and critical geopolitics
-       Geographic technologies in historical perspective
-       Traveling Science
Please direct all expressions of interest, queries and submissions to:
Deadline for Abstracts: July 31, 2001

Session on:
Cultural Industries and the Production of Culture
Convenors: Dominic Power and Allen Scott

Papers are sought that explore:
   * the nature and functioning of the cultural industries
   * cultural production’s role in regional and urban development
   * the spatial economy of culture
   * case studies at a sectoral, urban, regional, or national level
   * agglomeration/cluster approaches to cultural production
   * issues of innovation and creativity in the cultural economy
   * cultural politics as it relates to the commodification of culture
   * the functioning of labor markets in the culture industries and so on…

Please submit an abstract of not more than 250 words by August 1st 2001 to:
Dominic Power, Uppsala University, Sweden,
(Tel: +46-70-7310121; Fax: +46-18-4717418)
or Allen Scott, UCLA, USA,

Call for Abstracts
The Sixth Biennial Coalition for Education in the Outdoors Research Symposium. The symposium is scheduled for January 11-13, 2002 at Indiana University's Bradford Woods. If you do or follow research related to outdoor education, you may wish to attend this conference.  For Information:

Dr. Karla Henderson
Dept. of Recreation and Leisure Studies
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC  27599-3185
Voice: 919-962-1222, Fax: 919-962-1223

Websites Needed
Profs. Dunsmore and Theobald are revising their book, Internet Resources for Leisure and Tourism (2000). This revision will take the form of a website devoted to the book that will be updated quarterly.
One of the book's Appendices is titled, "Favoured leisure and tourism web sites." In order to revise this listing, the authors request readers to reply and indicate one, two or three web sites that they find the most useful and informative in their profession.  Thanks,

Bill Theobald, Chm & Professor Emeritus
Purdue University
Recreation & Tourism Program
2167 Tecumseh Park Lane
West Lafayette, IN 47906
Phone: (765)463-1268; e-Fax: (707)598-0037

Need a research project?  There are three Tourism Fulbright awards for 2002-2003 listed under their Geography section:

Research Question? Where can we get background information for possible legislation to help alleviate problems small tourism based businesses face. Has anyone conducted any research primarily focussed on policy issues in relation to small tourism related businesses? Please contact:
Michael E. Cline
Business & Economic Research Associate
SBDC National Information Clearinghouse
1222 N Main, Ste 712
San Antonio, TX 78212
1-800-689-1912;  fax: 210-458-7840

RTSers in the News
Dr. Geoffrey Wall, University of Waterloo, has been given a "Friendship Award" by the Government of Hainan, China. This award is given to an individual once every two years . The award reflects the work undertaken on a project funded by the Canadian International Development Agency entitled "Environmental Training for Integrated Monitoring and Management in the Coastal Zone of Hainan Province, China" which he directed.  One of the pressures experienced in Hainan is tourism.


The Tenth Canadian Congress on Leisure Research will be hosted by the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta from May 22 to 25, 2002. The purpose of CCLR10 is to bring together scholars who are interested in leisure from an academic or professional perspective. The four days in central Alberta will provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas and the advancement of knowledge.
Please visit the CCLR10 website ( for further
information about the Congress, which will continually be updated as the time for the Congress draws nearer.

Dr. Edgar L. Jackson
Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB T6G 2E3, Canada
Call for Papers
Taking Tourism to the Limits
9-11 December 2003

The theme of the conference, Taking Tourism to the Limits, has been specifically chosen as one that incorporates many eclectic themes that will encourage a wide mix of academics and industry people to attend who might not normally come into contact with each other.  Considering the theme, it can involve:

- Limits and spatial peripheries - and thus geographical perspectives.
- Marginal peoples involved in tourism - and thus include considerations of indigenous peoples in tourism, the demands of those with disabilities.
- Concepts of liminalties - are tourists occupying liminal roles as 'escapees' from a world of work, or does de-differentiation of the late or post modern world mean that tourist roles offer much to illuminate roles occupied in the non-tourism.
- The limits of experience - as a place of adventure sports and tourism, New Zealand has a range of adrenaline rush based product - is this another form of limit.
- Tourism and marginal economies.
- New horizons above existing limits - has space tourism a future role to play?

Best papers will be selected for a book to be edited by Professors Chris Ryan and Stephen Page.

Will those thinking of participating please e-mail Chris Ryan on to register their interest. Centre for Tourism, the University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand

Past RTS newsletter editor Bob Janiskee, asks if anyone is doing research or compiling information on second homes in America? He needs a reliable, up to date source of statistics and trends information.

Bob also wanted me to let readers know that he is revising the RTS Directory.  RTSers should go to the RTS homepage (, check their entry, and inform me of needed changes.  If readers are not in the listing and should be, contact:
Dr. Robert L. Janiskee
Dept. of Geography
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208
phone 803-777-6739;  fax  803-777-4972


The MSc in Tourism, Development and Policy is a new course that is offered for the first time in October 2001. The programme provides an opportunity to study tourism development and policies, combining a theoretical understanding of tourism issues with teaching of practical methods of tourism analysis. It is suitable both for those interested in furthering their career prospects, through obtaining a specialised postgraduate qualification, and those seeking advanced training prior to doctoral research.
The basic programme has seven modules:
* Tourism and Economic Development
* Tourist Behaviour: Theory and Practice
* Tourism Policies
* Tourism and Marketing
* Tourism Impacts and Sustainability
* Tourism Research Methods and Techniques
* Dissertation
For further information on this exciting new opportunity, see our web site at:

Prof. A.M. Williams
School of Geography and Archaeology, University of Exeter. Amory Building, Rennes Drive, Exeter, EX4 4RJ. UK; T: 01392-263337 F: 01392-263342

Call For Papers:
Journeys of Expression:
Cultural Festivals/Events and Tourism
Bonn, Germany, 7-10 February 2002

Abstracts of no more than 300 words should be submitted as soon as possible but by September 21st 2001 at the latest.  Authors will be informed by 12th October whether their proposal has been selected for the conference. Accepted papers will be published after the conference.  Contact:
Prof. Mike Robinson,
Centre for Tourism & Cultural Change, Sheffield Hallam University, Owen Building, Howard Street, United Kingdom, Sheffield, S1 1WB
Tel: +44 (0)114 225 2928, Fax: +44 (0)114 225 3343

New Book:  Tourism: A Modern Synthesis

Authors: Stephen Page (University of Stirling), Paul Brunt (University of Plymouth), Graham Busby (University of Plymouth) and Jo Connell
(University of Stirling).  For further details and inspection copies, follow the link from:

Other conferences:

The 2001 TEAMS: Travel, Events, and Management in Sports conference will be held October 24-27 in Salt Lake City, UT.  For complete details and to register click on the TEAMS banner at or call 310/577-3700.

Northeastern Recreation Research Symposium 2002 (to be updated soon)

International Symposia on Society and Resource Management

Next RTS Newsletter December 2001

Robert S. Bristow, Editor
The Recreation, Tourism and Sport
Specialty Group Newsletter
Department of Geography & Regional Planning
Westfield State College
Westfield MA 01086