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Official Publication of the Recreation, Tourism and Sport Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers

Vol. 25 No. 2 December 1999

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From the RTS Chair

As the new RTS chair I would like to take the opportunity to formally say "hi" to all our members. I would also like to thank Barbara Carmichael for the great job she has done for the last two years in terms of steering the RTS. Alan Lew also deserves a great thanks for creating a wonderful web site for our group. Without his and Barbara's insights as to what one needs to do chair I would have been completely lost.

As many of you may know, I was elected in absentia at the last AAG meeting. Strangely, it was the first meeting I had missed in 6 years. I do plan to attend the Pittsburgh conference, however, where I am sure I will get to know all of you. Pittsburgh is a city I know quite well since I spent two years there in the early 1990s and there are some great restaurants where we can have our annual RTS dinner.

We have at least 3 RTS-sponsored panels already decided for the conference. In addition, the RTS is co-sponsoring one or more sessions with the Political Geography and, possibly, the European Geography specialty groups. There will also be a roundtable discussion on urban tourism. I hope that you will all try to attend. Full details concerning the sessions can be found on the RTS homepage via http:/www.geog.nau.edu/rts/.

I would like to encourage any students who have submitted RTS-related abstracts for the conference to consider submitting their papers for the RTS student paper competition. If you are a student or know of a student who has a paper in the works please submit this by February 15, 2000.

On a related note I would like to encourage you to consider attending the IGU Sustainable Tourism Group Pre-congress meeting to be held next August in Korea. Details on this conference can also be obtained via Alan's web page.

Finally, since this is the last RTS newsletter of the year, indeed the century and millenium, I would like to wish all of you happy holidays and all the best for the new era!

Dimitri Ioannides, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Planning
Chair of the Recreation, Tourism, and Sports Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers

Department of Geography, Geology, and Planning
Southwest Missouri State University
901 S. National Avenue
Springfield, MO 65804

tel. 417-836-5318
fax. 417-836-6006
email. ii608f@mail.smsu.edu

RTS Newsletter Editor Words

It has been a particularly busy Fall semester for me as a department chair and dealing with faculty on a semester sick leave (anyone know of a physical geographer needing a one semester job?) assuming the role of President of the New England St. Lawrence Valley Geographical Society and the preparation of four recreation papers for conferences in 2000! Enough excuses, read on and see what is new in RTS land.

Rob Bristow


State of Geography Report

Klaus Meyer-Arendt and Alan A. Lew have put a dynamite bibliography on the web supporting their recent paper titled "Recreation, tourism and sport geography: a North American summary and online bibliography" in Tourism Geographies.

Check the bibliography out at:


New Book

Leisure and recreation researchers and students should be interested to know that a new book, co-edited by Ed Jackson and Tim Burton, "Leisure Studies: Prospects for the Twenty-First Century," is now available from Venture Publishing, Inc. This book is intended to replace our previous book, "Understanding Leisure and Recreation: Mapping the Past, Charting the Future" (Venture, 1989).

The new book, which includes 32 chapters, consists almost entirely of new contributions from some 40 scholars in Canada, the United States, Britain, and Australia. Venture has provided a detailed summary and table of contents on the web: you can view this information at http://www.venturepublish.com/

Another new book to check out:


Editors C. Michael Hall, Liz Sharples, Brock Cambourne and Niki Macionis with Richard Mitchell and Gary Johnson

Butterworth Heinemann, Oxford, 2000. ISBN 0 7506 4530 X : 250pp : 234X156mm : 23 photographs : 14 Line Illustrations : Hardback : price 25.00. Heinemann Publishers, Oxford, PO Box 382 Oxford, OX2 8RU, UK ttp://www.bh.com

Call for papers - Special issue of CURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM


Edited by Dr. John Jenkins, Department of Leisure and Tourism Studies, Univ. of Newcastle, Australia

This issue aims to present detailed, innovative studies of tourism policy making and decision making in developed and developing countries. An important aspect of these papers will be their blending of applied and theoretical knowledge. 

For further information consult the CIT website

http://divcom.otago.ac.nz/tourism/current-issues/homepage.htm or contact:

Dr John Jenkins
Department of Leisure and Tourism Studies
University of Newcastle
Callaghan NSW 2308

Ph: 61 2 49216847
Fax: 61 2 49217402


Call for papers

Tourism Recreation Research

Special theme issue on "Sacred Journeys: Religion, Heritage, and Tourism" Volume 27, Number 2, 2002

Guest edited by Dallen J. Timothy, Bowling Green State University, Ohio, USA

For millennia, people have traveled to sacred sites for both spiritual and secular reasons, motivated by a desire to feel close to Deity, to fulfil a covenant or obligation, to experience their personal religious heritage, to satisfy a need for nostalgia, or simply to fulfil their curiosity. This form of travel is still important in the global phenomenon of tourism and is actually increasing as religious consciousness in many societies is growing, particularly in light of the imminent millennial change and the expectations of what might lie ahead. The aim of this special issue is to examine the relationships between faith/religion and tourism.

Due date for 1-2 page: April 1, 2000. Due date for full papers to the editor: March 1, 2001

Abstracts should be sent to:

Dr. Dallen J. Timothy
School of HMSLS
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403 USA

Fax: 419-372-0383
Tel: 419-372-6902

Email: timoth@bgnet.bgsu.edu

A quick note to remind you that it's time to start thinking about who the next "John Rooney Applied RTS Award" recipient will be at next year's AAG. Previous winners were Lloyd Hudman (1999), Mark Okrant (1998), and Robert Britton (1997). If you have anyone in mind please send me the information including a brief explanation as to why you think this person deserves the nomination.

Send nominations to: Dimitri Ioannides

Conference Announcements

The 3rd Social Aspects of Recreation Research Symposium: Diverse Challenges of Our Times: People, Products, Places February 16-19, 2000-Tempe, Arizona State University http://www.rfl.psw.fs.fed.us/recreation/ sarr2000.html

Convention / Expo Summit VIII will be held February 28 to March 2, 2000 at The New Frontier, Las Vegas, Nevada. http://www.unlv.edu/Tourism/cexcall.html

Northeastern Recreation Research Symposium. The 12th annual NERR meeting will be held at the Sagamore, Bolton Landing, on Lake George NY on 2-4 April 2000. For more information, please contact Deb Kerstetter at Penn State:debk@psu.edu. or visit: http://www.cas.psu.edu/docs/cashome/nerr.html

The 96th AAG Annual Meeting, April 4-8, 2000 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania http://www.aag.org/ and (Go to RTS Homepage to see our activities.)

National Extension Tourism 2000 Conference, "The Journey is the Destination" April 30 - May 3, 2000; The Royal Kona in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, USA For program information contact: Linda Cox, UH CTAHR, Phone 808-956-7602, FAX 808-956-2811, E-Mail lcox@hawaii.edu; Conference Web site: http://www.soest.hawaii.edu/SEAGRANT/

2000 Annual Travel & Tourism Research Association (TTRA) Conference. The 2000 annual TTRA conference will be held on June 11-14, 2000 in Burbank, California, USA. The conference will focus on issues designed to help travel research producers and users respond to the unique challenges of an increasingly competitive tourism industry. Details and registration materials are found on the web stie at http://www.ttra.co or contact Mark Okrant, Plymouth State College at (603) 535-2364.

The 8th International Symposium on Society and Resource Managemen, 17-22 June 2000. Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington.http://www.ac.wwu.edu/~natresc (always a good conference!)

Sport in the City 2000 - The Third International Conference, June 29-July 2, 2000 Indianapolis, IN; Web Site: http://www.indiana.edu/~sprt2000; Lynn Marie Jamieson lyjamies@INDIANA.EDU

6th World Leisure Congress, THE 6th WORLD CONGRESS: BILBAO, SPAIN, JULY 3-7, 2000; For more information: 6th World Leisure Congress Secretariat/ 6th Congreso Mundial de Ocio, Institute of Leisure Studies/Instituto de Estudios de Ocio, University of Deusto/ Universidad de Deusto, Apartado 1, 48080 Bilbao, Spain/ EspaÒa, Phone/ TelÈfono: 00 34 94 413 90 75; Fax: 00 34 94 446 79 09; E-mail: wlra2000@ocio.deusto.es; Or visit:www.worldleisure.org

Annual UK Leisure Studies Association Conference, LSA 2000 LEISURE: CENTRES AND PERIPHERIES, Glasgow Caledonian University, Tuesday 11th - Thursday 13th July 2000; David McGillivray, LSA Conference Officer, Division of Leisure, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Glasgow Caledonian University, Park Campus, 1 Park Drive, Glasgow G3 6LP (UK); Tel: 44-(0) 141 337 4266; Fax: 44-(0)141 337 4141; email: D.McGillivray@gcal.ac.uk; http://cbs3.gcal.ac.uk/htl/web%20accounts/~dmcg/lsa2000.htm

The 5th Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Trends Conference. 17-20 September 2000. Michigan State University, Michigan. For more information e-mail: alampayr@pilot.msu.ed or visit the web site:http://www.prr.msu.edu/trends2000 (editor's note: RTS geographers who teach on the web contact me ASAP!) Deadline for submissions is 1 Feb 2000.


http://travel.state.gov for Travel Warnings!

Job: Assistant Professor, in Travel and Tourism Geography at St. Cloud University, Minnesota. Starting Fall 2000. Deadline for application is 6 March 2000. See latest JIG for details.

Next RTS Newsletter May 2000!

Happy New Year to all the RTS Family and Friends!

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