RTS Business Meeting , 1999 AAG Meeting . 19th March , Honolulu, Hawaii, 7.00pm Minutes

Approval of 1998 Minutes Barbara Carmichael

The agenda for today's meeting was distributed with the minutes of last years meeting from Boston ,Massachusetts. The 1998 minutes were approved unanimously.

Treasurer's Report Lisle Mitchell

The treasurer's report showed a balance of $1238.25.This report was approved unanimously.


19TH MARCH 1999

Balance as of 24th March $1447.61

Dividends (12 months)

AAG Dues (4th March 1998)


Sub total






Student Award 1998

USC Department of Geography (Newsletter Spring of 1997)

USC Department of Geography(Newsletter Fall of 1998)

Westfield State College(Newsletter Fall of 1999)

AB & R Trophy Company (Three Plaques)








Balance as of 19 March 1999 $1238.25

Newsletter Editor's Report Barbara Carmichael for Robert Bristow.

The new editor Robert Bristow is calling for submissions for the May Newsletter. An email list was made of members at the meeting who were willing to recive the newsletter via email.

Chairs Report Barbara Carmichael

Barbara Carmichael thanked the IGU Study group for sustainable tourism for joining with rts to make this a large, successful and diverse meeting. There were 9 rts sponsored paper sessions and 3 rts sponsored panel sessions (48 papers, 21 panelists/ discussants). Another 7 paper sessions were rts related (30 papers) and 5 sessions were cosponsored with the IGU sustainable tourism group. This was truly an international meeting with delegates from Australia, New Zealand , Europe and North America.

New Officers


The following members were acclaimed as new officers

Chair: Dimitri Ioannides

Board Members: Alan Lew, Barbara Carmichael, Bob Janiskee, Dallen Timothy (who later agreed to substitute for Alan Lew)

Treasurer: Anne Marie D'Hauteserre

Newsletter Editor: Robert Bristow

Student Representative: Margaret Pawlick

Thank you to these members for volunteering their services and also thank you to the outgoing officers for all their hard work, especially Lisle Mitchell (treasurer for countless years) and Bob Janiskee (newsletter editor for the long term).

AAG Issues

RTS websiteand rts listserve and Tourism Geographies affiliation. Alan Lew

Our website is www.geog.nau.edu/rts. This site is regularly updated and contains information about annual meetings, student paper competitions, RTS Award Recipients and past chairpersons lists and RTSNET-L discussion list instructions. There are also details of RTS member research and work on the world wide web (courses and journal information including Tourism Geographies).Alan noted that Carfax are promoting a special subscription rate for Tourism Geographies for rts members.

Inclusive Field Trip

It was moved that the incoming chair (Dimitri ) should write a letter on behalf of the rts group expressing concern over the need to provide inclusive field trips at the aag annual meeting so that members with disabilities and special populations could participate.

Student travel and AAG enrichment funds.

While the rts group was prepared to offer travel funds to students presenting papers for rts sessions, all such students contacted were successful in already receiving travel funds from AAG. The chair applied for and was granted enrichment funds for two visitors to the aag meeting. Dick Butler (University of Surrey, UK) and Peter Murphy (la Trobe , Australia) received $250 to help with their conference expenses. This was well deserved, especially by Dick Butler who seemed to be the busiest person at the whole meeting.

Geography in America :

Klaus Meyer Arendt reported that the book chapter is almost complete and further searching of tourism management will be done by Wes Roehl and Barbara Carmichael.


The student Paper Competition was won by Margaret Pawlick for her presentation titled "Ethical Considerations in Recreation Service Provision for People with Disabilities: A Universal Base to Draw Upon".

The John Rooney Award was presented to Lloyd Hudman. This is only the third time the Award has been offered.

The Roy Wolfe Award was given to Rudi Hartman.

A Special Award was given to Martin Oppermann for his contribution to rts research. Martin died recently of a heart attack and the plaque will be delivered to his home in Brisbane,Australia by Michael Fagence.

IGU News

Attention was drawn to the webpage housed with Alan Lew and rts . The upcoming meeting at Seoul and the October Meeting at Flagstaff were highlighted.

Suggested Sessions for Pittsburgh

The following members were interested in organizing sessions for next year. Please contact them if you want to participate in any of these sessions or contact Dimitri if you want to organize additional sessions or submit a paper with a different theme.

Urban Parks and Recreation: Rudi Harmann.

Gender and Tourism: Anne Marie D'Hauteserre

Olympics: Thor Flognfeldt

Disability and Tourism: Margaret Pawlick (to be asked)

Tourism and Aging: David Truly

Postmodern Tourism Landscapes: Alan Lew

Resort Communities: Bob Pfiser

Computer Communications and RTS: Wes Roehl

Sports: Ude Shade

Tourism in Transition Economies: Alan Lew and Allan Williams

There being no other business, the meeting adjourned at 8.!5 pm and about 20 members met at a Thai restaurant a short walk from the hotel.