ANNUAL REPORT and MINUTES - RTS Business Meeting - 1997 AAG Meeting

Wednesday, April 2, 5:45 p.m., Fort Worth, TX
Approximately 50 people were in attendance.

Approval of 1996 Minutes - Alan Lew

The agenda for today's meeting was distributed with the minutes from last year's meeting. The 1996 minutes were approved unanimously.

Treasurer's Report - Lisle Mitchell

The treasurer's report showed a balance of $936.14 as of 28 March 1997, which does not include the 1997 AAG dues that we will soon be receiving of approximately $550. The report was approved unanimously.

BALANCE 8 April 1996: $1,132.83


- Bank dividends for 11 months $24.34
- AAG Dues 1995-6 $82.24
- Uncashed check from 1996 $100.00

TOTAL $205.58


- Directory $198.00
- Postage: December newsletter $36.24
- Postage: March newsletter $44.72
- AAG Awards Lunch, 1996 $20.00
- Robert Britton registraion, 50% $60.00
- A&B Trophy, Rooney Award $43.31

TOTAL $402.27

BALANCE 28 March 1997 $936.14

Newsletter Editor's Report - Bob Janiskee

Dr. Janiskee is still interesting in turning the RTS Newsletter over to someone else. There were, however, no volunteers. The RTS membership directory is being updated on a regular basis. Copies are available through the RTS WWW homepage. Current membership statistics were not available. (However, theses numbers were received after the conference. For the 12 months period ending just prior to the meeting, RTS had 282 members. This is up from 275 in 1995-6 and 262 in 1994-5.) The RTS-NET Discussion list, which Dr. Janiskee maintians, currently has 130 subscribers. Meeting attendees were encouraged to subscribe.

Chair's Report - Alan A. Lew

1. 1997 Meeting Summary: For the 1997 meeting, RTS sponsored 11 session. Nine of these were paper sessions (3 of which were cosponsored and two of which were originally unsponsored sessions of loose papers submitted to the AAG). RTS also cosponsored one panel discussion and one plenary session. This is up from a total of nine RTS sessions at the 1996 AAG meeting. Cosponsored sessions in 1997 were in association with the Transportation Geography SG, Rural Development SG, Regional Development and Planning SG, Geographical Perspectives on Women SG, and Cultural Geography SG.

2-3. ELECTION RESULTS FOR 1997 CHAIR AND BOARD: The following people comprise the new RTS leadership for the 1997 to 1999 period: Chair: Barbara Carmichael, Wilfrid Laurier University; Board members: Charles Stansfield, West Chester State College (PA); Dimitri Ioanides, Southwest Missouri State University; Simon Milne, McGill University. In addition, Scott Loban of the University of South Carolina was nominated and elected to the position of Student Board member.

4. RTS Homepage: the URL is - The membership list on the Homepage contains about 299 regular members and 125 "friends of RTS". In February 1997, the homepage received 207 visits, while in March this number was up to 281.

5. There are currently two edited book on Geography and Sustainable Tourism Development that are in progress. The first is comprised of papers from the 1996 AAG meeting's ecotourism session and the 1996 IGU meeting in The Hague. It is being edited by C. Michael Hall (Wellington, NZ) and Alan A. Lew, Northern Arizona University. The second is primarily from 1996 IGU meeting papers and is edited by Myriam Jansen-Verbeke (Belgium), Alan Lew, and Jean-Michel Dewailly (France). Alan Lew mentioned that there might be room for an additional paper or two in the second book.

6. Alan Lew and C. Michael Hall (incoming chair of the IGU Study Group on Sustainable Tourism) have discussed trying to organize a joint meeting of AAG/RTS and IGU/Sustainable Tourism Study Group proposal at the 1999 Honolulu AAG meeting. This will be followed up with further discussion with Barbara Carmichael in the coming year.

7. AAG Issues:

- Student Travel Funds for Honolulu - After some discussion, it was generally agreed that RTS may set aside a total of $1000 to $1500 (depending on available funds) to distribute to students who present papers in RTS sessions at Honolulu. Each student would receive the same amount of money, with fewer students in attendance receiving more money each. This plan, however, will not be finalized until the 1998 meeting in Boston.

- The problem of fewer paper sessions at the Boston meeting was discussed. This is covered more below.

- The AAG may start rotating "state of the art" SG lectures at Boston. Members were concerned over the large number of plenary sessions and how frequently each SG would be called upon to give such a presentation. A 3 to 5 year rotation seemed appropriate. It was suggested that the RTS presenter be selected from Roy Wolf Award winners.

- The revision of Geography in America was discussed. RTS decided to nominate and vote on authors for our participation. It was suggested that one person represent each of the areas of Recreation, Tourism and Sport. Nominees taken from the floor included: Dimitri Ioannides, Ted Goudge, Klaus Meyer-Arendt, and David Truly. (Alan Lew was also nominated after the meeting closed.) Additional nominees/volunteers will be taken over the next month and a vote will be held sometime in the coming year.

Awards - Alan Lew

1. Student Paper Competition: Alan Lew announced the winners of the RTS Student Paper Competition. First place went to Barbara J. McNichol, University of Calgary, for her paper: Determining Group Images of Proposed Tourism Resort Developments; Second place went to Jonathan Wessell, Western Michigan University, Recreation Quality and Usage: A Comparative Study of Three West Michigan Rail-Trails.

2. John Rooney Award for 1997: The first John Rooney Applied RTS Geography Award was griven to Robert A. Britton of American Airlines. Dr. Britton's dissertation (at U. of Minnesota) on "International Tourism and Indigenous Development Objectives" is a classic piece of research. While still in academia, Dr. Britton greatly influenced tourism geographers in the early 1980s through publications in Annals of Tourism Research on resort enclaves and the economic impact of tourism in the Caribbean. Before joining American Airlines, Dr. Britton worked for Republic and Northwest Airlines. As Managing Director of Corporate Communication at American Airlines he has played a pivotal role in shaping the American Airlines global route system. More recently, he has played an instrumental role in the negotiations between American Airlines and the pilots union. In this capacity he has been interviewed on NPR, was selected to write an "Opposing View" editorial for USA Today's editorial page and has been quoted in articles in Air Transport World and other influential publications.

3. Roy Wolfe Award for outstanding contributions to RTS Geography was not awarded for 1997.

Boston 1998 AAG Meeting - Alan Lew

RTS will try to organization paper/poster sessions as suggested by the AAG for Boston. These will consists of 8 to 12 mini posters and mini-presentations in a single session. Rather than specific topics, these will be broadly organized into a Recreation session (Lisle Mitchell), and Tourism session (Scott Loban), and a Sport session (Ted Goudge). It may be necessary to combine the recreation and sport sessions In addition, Dimitri Ioannides will work on organizing panel sessions on Sustainable Tourism and the State of the Art in RTS.

Other Business/Announcements from the floor

Alan Lew proposed that it become official RTS policy that the SG will pay for the lunch of both the current and incoming chair to attend the SG Chair's lunch. It was also proposed that the SG will also pay for the current and incoming chair, as well as all RTS awardees, to attend the annual Awards Lunch. These proposals passed unanimously.

RTS Dinner - Thirteen RTS members had dinner after the meeting at a Cajun restaurant in downtown Fort Worth.