RTS Annual Meeting Minutes (New Orleans 2003) - By Dallen Timothy

General announcements:
- Alan Lew - in charge of email list -- members need to get onto RTS e-mail list for latest news items

Financial Report:
- Report handed out
- Balance 2002 $954.62
- Balance as of Feb 28, 2003 $1710.85
- AAG service where AAG handles money, writes checks for RTS, no charge,

mainly for ease > motion carried

Election of new chair:
- Jim Davis and Deborah Che nominated, Deborah Che elected
- Jim Davis board member
- Dan Olsen student representative
- Anne-Marie d'Hauteserre board member
- Theodore Goudge board member
- David Truly Treasurer
- Bob Pfister Editor of news letter (to continue in this capacity)

Student Awards:
- 1st Marie Constantoglou $150
- 2nd Paul Kingbury $100
- 3rd Jill Black $50

Roy Wolfe Award:
- Dimitri Ionnides

Next Year's Conference"
- Group will not make a list of topics at the present time
- think about areas and send to Deborah by June to put titles forwrad in

RTS newsletter

Final Business:
- Lyle Mitchell retiring - thank you for years of service
- If any historical information, sent to Ted Goudge
- Conference: Sustainable Tourism in Greece, Oct 2-5 2003
- Conference: Taking Tourism to the Limit in New Zealand, Dec 8-11 2003,

Abstracts due August 15