RTS Business Meeting, 2000 AAG Meeting, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:

Approval of 1999 Minutes

The agenda for the meeting was distributed with minutes from last year's meeting in Honolulu. The 1999 minutes were approved.

Treasurer's Report

The report showed a balance as of March 19, 1999 of $1,238.25. By April 4, 2000 the balance was $936.38. The decline in the balance reflected the outputs for last year's awards and for the meals of the award winners but did not reflect any dues collected by the AAG for the year 2000. For further details on the budget see the RTS Specialty Group report to the AAG which is posted on the RTS website.

Newsletter Editor's Report

The news editor Robert Bristow called for submissions for the May 2000 newsletter.

Chair's Report

Dimitri Ioannides announced the major accomplishments for 1999-2000 which included the presentation of four RTS sponsored paper sessions and one RTS sponsored panel session. A further five paper sessions were RTS related while the RTS cosponsored 8 sessions with other groups.

Ioannides commented on the fact that attendance in the RTS business meeting appeared to be low and a discussion ensued on how to make people aware of such meetings. One of the problems that was raised was that a number of business groups hold their meetings at the same time and this means that people who belong to more than one group have to decide which one to miss.


The student paper competition was won by Brian Copp, a graduate student at Florida Atlantic University. Copp's paper was on tourism development in Slovakia.

The John Rooney award was presented to Geoff Wall.

The Roy Wolfe award was presented to Alan Lew.

Sports Geography Journal

An announcement was made by the editors of the Sports Geography journal asking for submission of sports related articles. The journal has struggled to attract submissions in recent years and the editors are worried that it may have to go out of circulation if this inactivity continues.

Suggested Sessions for New York

A number of suggestions were made for organizing paper and panel sessions at next year's conference in New York. It was also suggested that the RTS should organize a field trip in Manhattan. Among the sessions suggested were the following:

Economic Restructuring and Tourism: Dimitri Ioannides and Allan Williams

Meet the Author session: Alan Lew

Gender and Tourism: Anne Marie d' Hauteserre

Tourism and Religion: Dallen Timothy

Tourism and Retirement Communities: David Truly

Following the meeting (the meeting ended at 8:00 PM), approximately 20 members met at a fish restaurant in the main conference hotel.