April 27, 1996

Ms. Elizabeth Beetschen
Assoc. of American Geographers
1710 16th St., NW
Washington, DC 20009-3198

Dear Ms. Beetschen--

The following is the Recreation, Tourism and Sport Specialty Group Annual Report for 1995-96.

I.  RECREATION, TOURISM, & SPORT SG DESCRIPTION:  To provide a forum and to encourage  research and teaching of applied and academic aspects of recreation,  tourism, and sport geography.  Dues $3 (student $1).  Alan A. Lew, Department of Geography &  Public Planning, Northern Arizona University, Box 15016, Flagstaff, AZ  86011-5016   Phone 928/523-6567, Fax 928/523-1080, e-mail: Alan.Lew@nau.edu.

- Please note that the Fax number and e-mail address are different from those in your records dated March 20, 1996.


A. CHAIRPERSON: Alan A. Lew, Northern Arizona University
B. SECRETARY-TREASURER: Lisle S. Mitchell, University of South Carolina
- Robert Bristow, Westfield State College
- Barbara Carmichael, Wilfrid Laurier University
- Neil Heywood, Univ. of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
- Mark Okrant, Plymouth State College
D. STUDENT BOARD MEMBER: Tou C. Chang, McGill University
E. RTS NEWSLETTER EDITOR: Robert Janiskee, University of South Carolina
F. The Board of Directors typically consists of only three members.  We have four for the current period due to a tie for third place in the voting.

III.  LAST YEAR'S ACCOMPLISHMENTS. The major accomplishments of 1995-95 included the following:

A. Publication of two issue of the RTS-SG Newsletter (Bob Janiskee)
B. Compilation and distribution of an RTS membership directory (Bob Janiskee)
C. Establishment of an RTS Listserv discussion list, to which there are currently 114 persons subscribed (Bob Janiskee)
D. Student Paper Competition Awards at the AAG Annual Meeting in Charlotte
- First Place ($150 award): T.C. Chang, Ph.D. student, Dept. of Geography, McGill  University, for his paper "Singapore’s Little India: A Tourist Attraction as a Contested Landscape"
- Second Place ($100 award): Paul Mackun, Ph.D. student, Dept. of Geography, SUNY Buffalo, for his paper "Tourism in the Third Italy"
- No award was given for Third place this year.
E. Tou. C. Chang of McGill University was elected to fill the vacant RTS Student Board Member position.
F. Joint AAG Annual Meeting sessions were organized with several other specialty groups, including: the American Ethnic Geography SG, Historical Geography SG, American Indian SG, Rural Development SG, and the proposed Ethics and Justice SG.
G. Just as the AAG in general has been encouraging links with the  IGU, the RTS group has been in touch with the IGU Study Group on the  Geography of Sustainable Tourism, specifically its chair Dr. Fred Helleiner.  Dr. Helleiner presented a progress report on the IGC at the RTS Business Meeting in Charlotte.  He stated that there will be a specific session at the IGC of papers by AAG-RTS SG members.
H.  At the AAG Annual Meeting at Charlotte, NC, the RTS SG sponsored 6 paper sessions, 2 Panel sessions, and 1 plenary session.  Four sessions followed the theme of “Ecotourism.” 


A. Annual Meeting: To organize several paper and panel sessions, as  well as a local field trip (not overnight) for the 1997 San Antonio, TX AAG Meeting.
B. Newsletter & Other Publications: 
- To contine to publish the newsletter twice a year
- To establish a WWW Homepage for the SG to highlight provide general information on the field of RTS Geography and highlight member accomplishment.  
- To edit a book on sustainable tourism development with papers from the AAG and IGC meetings (Alan A. Lew and C. Michael Hall)
C. Other: 
- To elect a new RTS SG Chair and Board of Directors
- To develop a set of guidelines that can be passed on from one chairperson to the next with suggestions on how to be an effective chair of the RTS SG
- To actively promote the increase of  student membership and participation in the RTS specialty group, as well  as to work closely with the IGU study group as previously mentioned
- To continue to attempt to develop closer ties with the IGU Study Group on Sustainable Tourism


1.  Roy Wolfe Award. The 1995 Roy I. Wolfe Award is given to Dr. Robert L. Janiskee, University of South Carolina, for his outstanding contributions to the field of recreation/tourism geography and to the RTS SG. 
- Dr. Janiskee becomes the nineth honored recipient  of the Roy Wolfe Award, following the distinguished Lisle S. Mitchell  (1988), John Rooney (1989), Richard V. Smith (1990), Geoff Wall (1991), Peter Murphy (1992), Carlton  S. Van Doren (1993), Richard W. Butler (1994), and Charles A. Stansfield (1995).
2.  Current and past Chairpersons of the RTS SG consist of: Lisle S. Mitchell (1974-1981), Richard V. Smith (1981-1983), Stanley R. Lieber (1983-1985), Robert L. Janiskee (1985-1987),  F. Andrew Schoolmaster (1987-1989), Richard W. Butler (1989-1991), Rudi Hartman (1991-1993), Klaus J. Meyer-Ardent (1993-1995), Alan A. Lew (1995-1997)


VII. MEMBERSHIP AND PARTICIPATION: Although membership is about 275 (at last count), only about 10% are  "hard-core" members.  Even though the RTS interests of this core group are quite  diverse, there is a strong sense of cohesiveness and enthusiasm.  As usual, we would like  to increase the numbers of active participants--especially students!   


A. 	Columbia (SC) Teachers Federal Credit Union
	3122 Millwood Ave.
	PO Box 5846
	Columbia, SC 29250-5846
	Acct #: 6030205
	Routing #: 253978617

B. 	1995 Income: $173.29 (prior to March 15) + $546 (?) deposited by  the AAG on March 31 (or does the $546 include the $173 figure that  secretary Lisle Mitchell gave me earlier?)

C. 	Expenses: $633.89

D. 	Dues:  $3 regular, $1 student

E. 	Estimated income, 1995:  $600
	Estimated expenses, 1995:  $900
		i. $300 RTS Newsletter
		ii. $300 STudent Awards
		iii. $300 RTS Directory (one-time expense)

F. 	Estimated income, 1996:  $600
	Estimated expenses, 1996:  $600
		i. $300 RTS Newsletter
		ii. $300 Student Awards

Hope this helps.  Business meeting agenda coming separately. 

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