AAG Specialty Group of Recreation Tourism and
Sport Speciality Group 1998-2000 Report


Description remains same on AAG website: URL: www.geog.nau.edu/rts/
Dues: $3 (student $1)

Officers: 1999-2001

Chair: 1999-2001
Dimitri Ioannides, Southwest Missouri University, Springfield, MO 65804-0089, voice 417-836-5800, FAX 417-836-6006, email - dii608f@mail.smsu.edu,

Newsletter Editor to 2001
Robert Bristow

Anne Marie L. Hauteserre (Note: Because Anne Marie has recently taken a job in New Zealand, Lisle Mitchell has been standing in as treasurer).

Board Members:
Alan Lew, Barbara Carmichael, Bob Janiskee, Dallen Timothy

Student Representative:
Margaret Pawlick (McMaster University).

Specialty Group Accomplishments

The major accomplishments for 1999-2000
A. Publication of two issues of the RTS-SG newsletter, May and December (Rob Bristow).
B. Distribution of RTS membership directory (available on home page)
C. Active RTS listserv discussion list.
D. At the 2000 conference in Pittsburgh, there were four RTS sponsored paper sessions and one RTS sponsored panel session (papers, panelists/discussants). Other papers sessions were RTS related (five papers) and eight sessions were cosponsored with other specialty groups.
E. Student Paper competition award at AAG meeting presented to doctoral student Brian Copp, Florida Atlantic University ($200).
F. Alan Lew was honored with the Roy Wolfe Award and Geoffrey Wall received the John Rooney Award at the AAG meeting.

Activities scheduled for the coming year and future plans and directions

To organize several paper sessions and panel sessions at the NYC 2001 AAG conference.
To continue to publish the newsletter twice per year.
To continued to update the WWW home page, to highlight member accomplishment and to provide general information in the field of RTS geography.
To actively promote the increase of student membership in RTS
To forge stronger links with IGU

Membership and Participation

In 2000 membership based on renewals (provided in letter from Ron Abler) was approximately 170 (108 regular members and 62 students). It is unclear at this moment if these are final numbers but if they are they represent a decline from the over 200 members we had last year. The Business Meeting in Pittsburgh attracted about 40 members. It was interesting to note that the attendance seemed to be lower than in previous years. About 20 of the meeting participants attended an RTS dinner at a local restaurant after the meeting. There appears to be a strong sense of commitment and enthusiasm with this group reflected in the large number of sessions organized or co-sponsored by group members. It is hoped that at next year's conference, there will be a record number of sessions and attendees for this specialty group.

Financial Report

A. Account Information: RTS Specialty Group Department of Geography, USC. Columbia, SC 29208
I D number 253978617:41300603020 5 Columbia (SC) Teachers Federal Credit Union 3122 Millwood Avenue, Box 5846, Columbia SC 29250-5846 tel 254-5222

Estimated Income and Expenses for 1999-2000

Balance as of 19th March 1999



AAG dues (2000 approx)

Dividends (12 months)






Student Awards

Newsletters May, December

Trophies for awards





Estimated Balance



Recreation, Tourism and Sport Specialty Group
4 March 200

Balance as of 19 March 1999 $1,238.25

Dividends (12 months) $ 22.17
AAG Dues (for 2000) 0.00
Total $ 22.17
Sub-total: Balance plus Income $1,260.42

Margaret Pawlick $ 150.00
Wolfe and Rooney Award Winner Meals $ 50.00
AB and R Trophy Company $ 91.04
Total $ 291.04

Sub-total: Balance plus Income minus Outputs $ 969.38

Balance as of 4 April 2000 $ 969.38

Respectably submitted,

Lisle S. Mitchell, Professor
Acting Secretary-Treasurer
RTS Specialty Group