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Geography, Planning and Recreation

Links to Selected Faculty Publications and Presentations..

Lew, A.A. (2014) Globalizing China’s Tourism Scholarship (English version). Tourism Tribune 29(1): 3-6 (translated and published in Chinese).

Lew, Alan A. (2013) Scale, Change and Resilience in Community Tourism Planning. Tourism Geographies (Research Frontiers), pre-publication version.

Lew, Alan A. (2013) Defining Community Resilience in Community Based Tourism: Miso Walai and Pulau Mabul in Sabah, Malaysia. BIMP-EAGA Journal of Sustainable Tourism Development 2(2)L40-43.

Lew, Alan A. (2013) Overseas Chinese-American Foods. Presented to the NAU Asian Studies Program, Dec. 4, 2013; updated from a keynote presentation to the Chinese Food Culture Association meeting in Kunming, China, October 2013.

Lew, Alan A. (2012) Tourism Incognita: Experiencing the Liminal Edge of Destination Places. Études Caribéennes (Caribbean Studies), available online 24 November 2012, http://etudescaribeennes.revues.org/5232. DOI : 10.4000/etudescaribeennes.5232 

Lew, Alan A. (2012) Planning Theory, Sustainable Cities and Sustainable Tourism. Keynote presentation at the Sustainable Tourism in Urban Environments Conference, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 20-22 April 2012. DRAFT Pre-Conference Working Copy

Ng, Pin T and Lew, A.A. (2012) Using Quantile Regression to Understand Visitor Spending. Journal of Travel Research 51(3): 278-288. Pre-publication version.

Lew, Alan A. and Fung, Cadi (2010) Social Media for Academic Programs and Departments. Graduate College: Northern Arizona University. (This is an internal report for the NAU Department of Geography, Planning and Recreation.)

Lew, Alan A. (2009) Long Tail Tourism: New geographies for marketing niche tourism products. Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing 25(3/4): 409-419.

Xie, Philip Feifan and Lew, Alan A. (2008) Research Note - Podcasting and Tourism: An Exploratory Study of Types, Approaches and Content. Information Technology & Tourism 10 : 173-180. (pre-publication version)

Lew, Alan A. (2007) Pedestrian Shopping Streets in the Restructuring of the Chinese City. In T. Coles and A. Church, eds., Tourism, Power and Place, pp. 150-170. London: Routledge. (pre-publication version)

Lew, Alan A. (2007) Tourism Planning and Traditional Urban Planning Theory: Planners as Agents of Social Change. Leisure/Loisir: Journal of the Canadian Association of Leisure Studies 31(2):383-392. (pre-publication version)

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Lew, Alan A. & Wong, Alan (2004) Sojourners, Gangxi and Clan Associations: Social Capital and Overseas Chinese Tourism to China. In D. Timothy and T. Coles, eds., Tourism, Diasporas and Space, pp. 202-214. London: Routledge. (pre-publication version)

Lew, Alan A. and Wong, A. (2003) News from the Motherland: A content analysis of existential tourism magazines in China. Tourism Culture and Communication 4(2):83-94. (pre-publication version)

Lew, Alan A. and Wong, A. (2002) Tourism and the Chinese Diaspora. In C.M. Hall and A.M. Williams, eds., Tourism and Migration: New Relationships Between Production and Consumption, pp. 205-219. Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Kluwer Academic. (pre-publication version)

Lew, Alan A. (1999) Managing Tourist Space in Pueblo Villages of the American Southwest. In Singh, Tej Vir, ed., Tourism Development in Critical Environments. Elmsford, NY: Cognizant Communications Corporation (Tourism Dynamics Series, series editors: V. Smith and P. Wilkinson), pp. 120-36.

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Lew, Alan A. (1989) Authenticity and Sense of Place in the Tourism Development Experience of Older Retail Districts. Journal fo Travel Research 27(4):15-22.

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Lew, Alan A. (1987) The English-Speaking Tourist and the Attractions of Singapore. Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography 8(1):44-59.

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