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Sustainable and Alternative Tourism
An International Conference
Yangshuo (Guilin), China - 11 to 13 July 2009




  • Conference Hotel (first day)
  • Guilin Tourism College (third day)




  • Flights arrive at the Guilin Lijiang International Airport

  • Getting to the Hotel
    • The conference will provide limited transfer from the airport to the conference hotel on the day prior to the start of the conference (July 10) and to the airport on the day following the last day of the conference (July 14).
      • You must provide us with your full arrival and departure information bu June 25, 2009 if you wish to take advantage of this service.

    • If you arrive on any other date, you must take a taxi from the airport to the conference hotel. Be sure to bring the conference hotel information (by printing the hotel website) with you.
      • According to one website: "you could hail a taxi on the 2F of Guilin Airport. The suggested fare is about 200 Yuan per cab. Some drivers may ask for more, so it is economical to share a cab with others to Yangshuo together."
      • According to the conference hotel website (English translation), the taxi cost is 300 Yuan ($45 USD) for 90km distance and 100 minutes travel time.
      • However, another website states:
        • "By far the most convenient option is to pre-arrange a private transfer from Guilin airport straigh to your accommodation in Yangshuo. Most hotels offer this service. Otherwise you can book one through a local travel service."
        • "There is a shuttle service from Guilin Airport to Guilin city operated by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). This costs just 20 yuan [30 yuan on a different website] but only takes you to the CAAC offices which is not the most convenient spot. You could walk from there to the train station or bus station but it is almost always better to take a local taxi. This should cost less than 10 yuan and will save you from getting hot and sweaty."
        • "We do not recommend taking a taxi from Guilin Airport to Yangshuo; these often refuse to use the meter and therefore overcharge. If you do find yourself with no choice but to take a taxi from the airport, only take it as far as Guilin city centre. Get out there then get another taxi (or bus) to Yangshuo."

  • Currency Rate: 1.00 Yuan = 0.15 USD, 1.00 USD = 6.84 Yuan

  • If you are arriving a day or two early
    • You may want to consider booking a hotel room in Guilin City, which is where the airport is located. Guilin City has had some interesting tourism developments centered on its parks and lakes ove the past decade.
    • Also, you can book a Li River Cruise on July 10. This is the most famous attraction of Guilin/Yangshuo and will take you from Guilin to to the town of Yangshuo.
      • If you are considering taking this cruise on July 10 and would like to do it with other conference attendees, please inform Alan and he will try and connect you. (There are many boats that do this cruise daily.)
      • The travel agency in your hotel can arranged your boat trip to Yangshuo, however, it is much cheaper to buy your ticket in one of the small offices in Guilin. The boats are all the same and include local Chinese food for lunch.

  • Guilin Airport to Guilin City
    • The Liangjiang International Airport is about 28 kilometer west of Guilin. The airport shuttle bus will bring you in 30-40 minutes to the city for 30 yuan. The starting taxi price is 7.00 yuan for the first 2 km from 6:00 to 23:00,then 1.60 yuan/km. At night the rates are slightly higher.
    • Some hotels offer shuttles from the airport for a fee that is usually higher than a taxi.

H1N1 FLU & Travel to China

  • This article discusses China's current efforts to keep the H1N1 (swine) Flu from spreading in the country.


  • Most overseas visitors to China will require a Visa. You must apply for a Tourist/Family Visit (Type L) visa. Do not apply for a business-type visa unless you are required to by your company or the country you live in. You can obtain a visa from an Embassy or Consulate of the People's Republic of China.

    • For U.S. residents, you cannot apply directly to a consulate or embassy by mail. You must either appear in person or use a intermediary service. I have found the Visa Mail Service to be less expensive and very efficient. Other that you may want to consider include:
    • These are the best directions that I have found on how to fill out the visa form: http://www.zvs.com/site/Instructions/CHN -- according to this site:
      • For the purpose of your visit, indicate "Tourism"
      • For inviting organization or person, indicate "Not Applicable"


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