Tourism and Heritage:
Opportunities and Challenges for Conservation Geography

International Geographical Union Pre-Conference Symposium
10–13 November 2011

Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso, Chile








IGU Tourism Commisssion




The symposium will be organised at the University premises: Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso. Address Avenida Brasil 2950, Valparaiso, Chile(Google map)

The recommended hotels are:

1. Hoteles Diego de almagro, Adress: Molina, #76; phone 56-32-2133600; website:; booking:

2. Manior Adkinson; address: Paseo Atkinson # 165; phone: 56-32-2351313; website:; booking:

3. Da Vinci; adress: Urriola #426 – 428; phone: 56-32-3174494; website:; booking:

In addition, click here for several other hotel options.

Transportation from Santiago Airport to Valparaiso

The local organizers will NOT be arranging transportation. Sorry that we told you different previously.

The Airport Transportation Counters, located at the right side of the marquee (tent) for international arrivals, can arrange Taxi, Car Rentals and Buses.
The Official Transportation vehicles are parked in the Express Parking sector, on the west side for international exit and on the east side for the national exit.


You have basically three options to get to Valparaiso:

1. Official Transportation of Santiago Airport to Valparaiso Hotels:  

(A) Up to 7 persons in an SUV vehicle (CH$75.000 / US$150 aprox. per vehicle). This is more confortable, takes you directly to your hotel, and is relatively low cost per person.
(B) Three person by sedan automobil (CH$70.000 / US$140 aprox. per vehicle). This is also confortable, but the pricer per person is higher.

Van and Taxi VIP
• Location of Counters:
- First Level, Central International Hall
- Domestic Arrival - International Arrivals
• Open 24 hours a day, every day of the year
• Telephone: (56 2) 677 3000

2. Airport regular bus to interprovincial bus station (10 min) and then regular bus to Valparaiso station bus (CH$6500 / US$13) and then taxi to hotel (CH$5000 / US$10). 

- Centropuerto and Turbus are normally operate with transfers from Los Héroes and Pajaritos subway stations to the Airport Express Parking sector.

3. Unofficial Airport Transfer to Valparaiso Hotels.
- These take 1 to 8 persons by each vehicle. They are freelance operators working outside of the airport entrance. Proces are negotiable. Consult price service.


See the main IGU Santiago Conference website for more about transportation options.

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